4 Jobs You Can Get with a High School Diploma

Almost every job requires a high school diploma, but for many well-paid professions, you’re expected to have a college degree, too. The good news is that there are many well-paying jobs available for anyone with a virtual high school diploma in Marietta, GA. Here is a list of four interesting careers you could pursue after graduation.


This job is physically demanding as your duties entail building boilers and dealing with hot liquids and gases. It may also require extended travel and long working hours away from home. Nevertheless, this is a lucrative career any high school graduate can get into. It requires an apprenticeship, but the median annual wage is $60,120.


Detectives and criminal investigators are in charge of looking for clues, compiling the evidence, and drawing conclusions. The median salary is at $77,210, which makes up for many of the stresses experienced on the job. This job requires a level head and a steady stomach, because it requires you to be near death and suffering on a regular basis.

Elevator Installer

There aren’t many jobs where you can earn $80,000 a year or more with just a high school diploma, but elevator installer is one of them. You must complete an apprenticeship and feel comfortable working in tightly enclosed areas. The job is not without risks, and you may also be on call 24/7. One tiny downside: you’ll always have to take the stairs until your job is done.

First-Line Supervisor

Construction and material extraction supervisory positions don’t require a college degree. While you’ll need several years of experience in the job field to move up to this level, you’ll find that the median salary is worth it at $62,000 a year. This field of employment is projected to keep growing steadily, too.

In fact, first-line supervisors in other fields tend to earn the same or even more. If you find a career you like, it’s a good idea to stick around and move up the ladder as soon as the opportunity presents itself.