5 Critical Skills a Virtual High School Provides

School When you’re checking out options for online schooling for high school in Atlantaconsider the benefits that an online program provides. The ability to learn at your own pace and manage your time according to your unique needs and situation can make a huge difference to your success.

Aside from the academic material and courses, a virtual high school provides experiences and resources that are relevant and necessary to a successful career today. The assignments and curriculum of a virtual high school challenge students to build the exact skills that fit into what today’s working world demands.

What Will You Learn?


Initiative is the power and ability to act without the help of others. Those with initiative tend to take charge of a problem or task before others do and to work towards a solution. This skill is one of the signs of a leader and is closely tied with independence.


People with self-motivation don’t need the guidance or prodding of another person to accomplish their goals. If you are self-motivated, you turn within to find the strength and resources needed to meet a challenge or finish a task.


Self-advocacy is the ability to speak for yourself and direct your own affairs. Once you build this skill, instead of asking someone else to assume responsibility for meeting your needs, you’ve learned to take on that challenge yourself.


Collaborating is working with a team of others to generate ideas and then deliver end products and solutions. In any work place, this is the way goals are met. Entrepreneurs and business owners, investors and managers, teachers and doctors, all rely on this skill daily.


Whether managing your time, managing a project or assignment, or managing a group of fellow students, you will practice management skills regularly in a virtual high school setting. You’ll encounter best practices and techniques that will serve you in any management role going forward.

A virtual high school will challenge you to practice the very skills that are in demand in today’s work place. These skills, combined with a solid base of academic knowledge, will create a foundation on which you can build a successful and productive life and conquer any challenge!