How to Choose the Right Online Virtual High School

Since taking courses online has become popular for both college students and high school students, there are several factors to consider. Options for online schools have increased, with public, private, and charter schools all offering online components. Before deciding on an online high school, there are several key points to consider.


Despite what some people might think, all online high schools are fully accredited and have to meet the regulations and standards of the state of Georgia. Some people tend to think that these courses are lesser than those at traditional high schools, or have a different set of standards. The reality is that they don’t. Before deciding on an online high school, research the curriculum they use, and weigh that against the state’s standard. Find something that most closely resembles that which a traditional, brick-and-mortar high school uses.

History of the School

If you’ve found a school you think might be a good fit, find out how long they have been around and what their reputation is. These days, most of that information is easily found online. The school should have their history clearly stated on their website, outlining how long they’ve been around, how they’ve grown, and what changes have occurred since their inception. Additionally, there should be information regarding their reputation online, either on message boards, Yelp, or some other online-reviewing platform. A lack of transparency about the school’s history, or a lack of positive reviews (or a lack of reviews altogether) should tip you off, and seeking another option might be the best course of action.

Quality of Teachers

Additionally, any online high school should have thorough information about their teachers. This information should include the teacher’s educational background, experience, and any accolades they have achieved. If there’s a lack of information about teachers, or you find it difficult to get a hold of any given teacher, it might not be the best fit.

Choosing the right place to attend an accredited high school online in Marietta should not be difficult, but there are several aspects to consider before making that choice.