Choosing the Right Charter School for Your Child

High school student

Education is essential for a life well lived, and a great education can make all the difference for your child’s future. If you’re in the midst of choosing the ideal Atlanta charter school for your child, but you aren’t sure where to start, here are some important considerations to help you decide.


Every child is different. Some are more in tune with their creative side. Some really enjoy asking questions and understanding how something works. For different skills and interests, there are different charter schools that have a stronger program for students to try. Does the school have a great theater program? Perhaps they have an innovative math and science program that gives kids more hands-on experiences? Consider your child’s skills and interests alongside a school’s specializations, and let that shape your decision.


A school may sound nice on paper, but it’s important to consider the overall performance record of a school as well. This can be in the form of testing—but not necessarily. What do people say of the teachers in that district? Do they have an excellent reputation by word of mouth? The overall reputation a school has for the quality of their education should influence how you decide.


Accommodating your child for the sake of their education is incredibly important, but the location of a school is a factor that you have to consider in that decision-making process. How far out of the way will it be to drive every morning and night to drop your child off at school? Is there an early morning or after school program that would accommodate your own schedule if you cannot pick them up right away? Ideally, a bus route would reach out to your area, but this may be less likely if your child is a charter student. If they have an online option available instead of a more traditional Atlanta charter school, that might provide far more flexibility for both you and your child.