Myths about Online High Schools

Completing a high school education online is becoming a more popular option these days. Between advanced technology, cloud drives, and the increase in telecommuting across all industries throughout the world, taking high school courses online has become a viable option and popular alternative. However, with this shift comes a number of uncertainties and myths. The following are common myths and misunderstandings about achieving an online high school diploma.

Online High Schools Aren’t Legitimate

Because online high schools haven’t been around very long, people tend to get the impression that they are somehow lesser than traditional schools. However, this isn’t the case. Online high schools still have to meet the standards set forth by the state, and follow the same curriculum. Therefore, the education one receives is the same as if they attended any other high school in the state, it’s just taught in a different manner.

Teachers Are Inaccessible

Since there’s no interaction in person, it gives off the impression that the teacher/student relationship is lacking or non-existent. The reality is that most teachers are still available via email or direct messaging during regular school hours. In fact, most online courses enroll fewer students than traditional high schools, meaning that students are more likely to receive direct attention from their teachers.

Online Courses Are Easier

Another common misconception is that online courses are easier than traditional courses. Each course has to meet the standards set forth by the state, so the reality is that online courses are still on par with traditional schools.  The amount of work is still the same, and it’s required to be taught at the same point in the semester. Although the method of teaching and learning may be different, the material itself is the same, as is the grading process.

Cheating Is More Common

Some people assume that because a course is online, it lends itself to cheating. The ability to use a web browser to look up answers to questions may make it seem that way, but the reality is that these courses are set up to get around that. Overall, cheating is actually less common in online courses.

Getting an accredited online high school diploma in Marietta is a viable alternative to attending a traditional high school.