Online Education and how it’s Totally Awesome!

Recently many students and parents have asked me if there were set hours that students needed to log on and attend classes and that prompted me to write about the beauty of online education/schooling. The answer to this question is no! When this school was created our Superintendent wanted to take away one of the things that often prohibits students from being successful, seat time.

So, what does that mean?

That means that instead of needing to log on from 8:00-3:00 in order to be present, you have 24/7, yes you read that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, access to your courses. The only requirement we ask of you, per our attendance policy, is that you log on five days a week out of a 7 day period.

But how much time should I spend in my classes?

The standard answer to this question is that you should spend an hour in each class you are enrolled in. This means if you are enrolled in two classes, you should spend one hour per class or two hours a day working in courses. If you are enrolled in six classes, you should spend one hour in each class or six hours total working in courses, but¸ there is a tool called your assignment calendar and it is a gamechanger. It is a gamechanger because if you complete the work you need to complete each day in each class and it takes less than an hour, guess what, you will have met your time requirement for the day! How neat is that? For information on how to access your class assignment calendar please email or call me.

The world is your classroom!

The other neat thing about online learning is that anywhere you can find internet access you can log on and get your work done! This literally means that the world is your classroom/ workspace. Somedays your classroom might be your house, other days it might be the library, or it could even be a local hangout spot with WIFI. Being someone who works from home, I have many places that I consider my office- my actual office in my attic, my favorite tea spot, the local research library, and anywhere else I can snag free wifi.

Tips for maximizing your classroom

I want to list some tips for you to maximize your classroom wherever it may be.

  • Make sure your classroom is a quiet area or has an area where you can tuck away to concentrate. I sometimes find myself more distracted by a lack of noise which is why I sometimes prefer the library or coffee shop.
  • Keep a drink or a snack nearby and take breaks when you need them.
  • Use your resources!!! This is by far the most important piece of advice I can give you. You have a principal (me), a counselor, teachers, and tutors all who want to help you succeed, but if you do not reach out to us or do not respond when we reach out to you, we cannot help.

Until next time, explore all the neat classrooms you can and use your assignment calendar to get your work done!