Recap on FEV Tutoring

What is FEV Tutor?

Hi Everyone! This is the 2017-2018 recap on FEV tutor and I am being very strategic about why I am doing this post right now since FEV has some fun stuff lined up for us in our Facebook groups this week :). There is a lot of cool information that I want to share with you regarding FEV tutor because it is such a helpful resource for students. FEV tutor is a “1 to 1 student support that resonates with today’s learner” ( of its engaging platform and the flexibility it offers to students. It really is one of my favorite services we can provide our students with.


Graduation Achievement Charter High School (GACHS) is lucky to partner with FEV tutor to provide this incredible online, live tutoring opportunity to all of our students. Students can utilize FEV tutor in one of two ways:

  • Through 24/7 on demand sessions (meaning you can log on at ANY time and get help in ANY subject)
  •  through repeating, scheduled sessions where students will have the ability to work with the same tutor.

You could even participate in a combination of both of these depending on what your schedule is like! The point is this, with FEV tutoring you have options and you  are in control of when and how and in which subject you will participate in tutoring!


Which classes can I get tutoring in ?

The amazing folks over at FEV tutor composed this wonderful, comprehensive list of the courses you can receive in tutoring in. As you can see almost every single course we offer is one that you can receive tutoring in! If you struggle with any of these classes, please start working with FEV tutoring today! Don’t wait!

What’s in it for me?

Aside from putting yourself in a position to better master the material in your courses and experience the content in a fun and lively way, there are other ways FEV tutor can benefit you as well.  FEV tutor will provide students who attend 10 tutoring sessions in an 8-10 week time period with a $10-$20 gift card to Amazon ! How cool is that? You get paid to log on and learn and you increase your grades in courses, sign me up for that!

How do I get started?

In order to get started with tutoring today all you need to do is call 1 855 763 2607 or email Drop a comment below if you have any questions about FEV tutoring or anything else!