Types of Online High Schools

High school studentThere are many high school online courses in Atlanta. They offer a flexible way to get your diploma. It is relatively straightforward to enroll in a high school diploma course online. However, not all online high schools are the same and each has their various advantages and disadvantages. This article will help you decide which type of online high school would suit your needs the best.

Private Online High Schools 

There is no government involvement in private online high schools. They can vary in the quality they offer, so you should have an in-depth look at each private online school you may be considering. They are usually the most expensive option. However, for the price, you get regional accreditation, the highest form of accreditation available. Students are also allowed one-on-one access to teachers and students. You should be wary of hidden fees such as curriculum and graduation costs. The admission requirements can also vary with each private online school.

Public Online High Schools 

Atlanta has begun to appreciate the flexibility of an online learning experience and has started offering state-sponsored public online high schools. They are entirely free to any student residing in the state. They usually have regional accreditation; however, you should check if they offer a diploma at the end. Some public online high schools will allow you to transfer your credits from a previous high school.

Online Charter Schools

The government funds online charter schools; however, they are run independently, and students receive a very distinct type of education. These types of institutions will usually focus on one demographic or one specific subject area. Online charter schools count as public schools, so they are not allowed to charge tuition fees or have strict academic requirements.

University Affiliated High School

There are now a few universities that offer high school diplomas using their brand names. Because of this, they usually offer high-quality education to protect their reputation. Some courses even allow you to gain university credits. The costs and entry requirements of these programs will vary a lot.

Virtual learning can provide a flexible and straightforward approach to gaining high school qualifications. You should now have a better understanding about which option would work best for your particular situation.