Understanding Your Grades

As the semester marches on (see what I did there) I wanted to make sure that all students and families understood the different grades that are attached to classes.

Overall Grade– Your overall grade is the grade you have earned for the work you have completed that has been graded.

Actual Grade– Your actual grade is your grade adjusted for progress. If you are behind pace your actual grade assigns 0 for everything that is late. Therefore, the more behind you are the lower your actual grade will be.

***At the end of the semester your courses will close out and whatever your actual grade is, is the grade you will receive in your class- so it is very important to stay on pace and keep an eye on this grade***

If you are struggling to stay on pace, please contact your teachers and ask for a pacing plan. They can provide you with a specific number of activities to complete each day in each class which can make course completion more manageable. Additionally, you can use your assignment calendar, found in the organizer section under the report button as a tool to help you stay on pace as well.

We know that online learning can be a tricky road to navigate so if you would like to schedule a virtual walkthrough with me so that I can show you some of my favorite resources, please let me know and I would be more than happy to do this with you 😊

As always, please contact me with questions or comments- the best part of my day is assisting students and families. As a courtesy reminder, please allow 24-48 hours for school staff to respond to inquiries so that we can devote the time needed to fully answer and resolve questions or concerns.

Ms. L