Welcome to Spring Semester!

Hi Everyone!

Wow! I can’t believe it is already spring semester- where has the time gone? I love the Spring because it is literally a time of birth and growth/regrowth. It is when plants recover from the harshness of winter and begin their new lives and when animals wake up after a long hibernation to begin their journey for the year. Spring semester also offers students a chance to be reborn and experience growth themselves with a fresh start and endless possibilities. As you know I have really tried to focus this year on creating materials that I think you will find helpful as you travel on this virtual educational journey (you can expect a Monday email blast with me that contains helpful information and resources each week school is in session). The first two weeks of this semester have seen the rollout of my spring orientation document, a one-stop shop for all questions GACHS and online classes and the sharing of the assignment calendar tool located in the student portal along with directions on how to use it.

These resources are very near and dear to my heart. You might not know it, but everything I do, I do with YOU -the students and families of the GACHS Virtual school in mind. I created the orientation document to communicate all of the important information I usually get questions on in one place. My hope is that you will print it and place it on your refrigerator or anywhere else that is a focal point for you so that anytime you have a question you can find its answer or the person to contact in order to get an answer. The calendar is a resource I am pushing because it is no secret that we are all pressed for time. The activity calendar gives you the ability to rest assured that you have completed everything you need to do each day to stay on pace in your classes. It even helps you manage your time better because it tells you exactly how long you will be spending watching instructional lectures in each lesson. It really does not get easier than logging into your school portal, writing down your assignments due each day for each class, and then completing those assignments. This tool is a gamechanger and if used properly ensures students will be successful in earning credits and making progress towards graduation. Please, please, please use the activity calendar.

I am SO excited for what I have coming down the pipes this semester to enhance communication and the sharing of information- podcasts, five bullet Fridays, live Q & A sessions, and of course more opportunities for student feedback are just a few of the ideas that I have rustling around in my head. Please remember I am here to make your time with a GACHS productive and positive. Please reach out with any questions or concerns!