Augusta Welcomes New Graduation Program for High School Drop Outs

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Graduation Achievement Centers of Georgia Provide
Students a Second Chance to Earn Public High School Diploma

Augusta Welcomes New Graduation Program for High School Drop Outs

ATLANTA–Provost Academy Georgia (PAGA), a statewide public charter high school district, recently announced the opening of a new center aimed at helping teens graduate from high school. Located in Augusta at 360 Bay Street in Old Town, Second Floor, the Graduation Achievement Centers of Georgia are tuition-free programs designed to provide high school-age students who have dropped out of school (or are at risk of dropping out) with the opportunity to earn a standard Georgia public high school diploma.The center will host an open house event on July 24, 2014, from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM.

“We are committed to seeing students thrive in the classroom and beyond. Our program gives students a second chance at a top-notch education,” said PAGA Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Monica Henson. “Our ultimate goal is to provide students with the tools needed for success by providing a classroom curriculum uniquely designed to challenge and motivate them to become better, more engaged students.”

Graduation Achievement Centers of Georgia, formerly known as Magic Johnson Bridgescape®, are tuition-free programs open to students ages 14 to 20 who have left school or are considering leaving school but want to earn a standard high school diploma.

“We are inviting the entire community to come and visit us during our open house event to get a glimpse into all the benefits of the program and an understanding of this unique opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma, rather than a GED,” said Henson. “We are looking forward to providing students with this valuable educational resource and accomplishing tremendous success in Augusta and across the great state of Georgia.”

Earlier this year, the MJB centers closed its doors as Provost restructured its relationship with education partner EdisonLearning. “We had to close the doors of the MJB centers due to a delay in state funding. Magic Johnson Bridgescape® is a national franchise keyed to an urban population, and our Board made the decision that our center model should be tailored specifically to the needs of our students in Georgia, many of whom live in rural areas,” said Henson. Provost Academy Georgia now controls the organization’s financial model and back office support. Edison Learning will serve as the curriculum vendor. Because of PAGA’s unique mission and organizational structure, it took several months for state agencies to determine how best to calculate funding for PAGA students.

“After receiving notice of adequate funding from the State of Georgia going forward, restructuring our vendor relationship with EdisonLearning, and developing a program focused on the needs of Georgia students, we are positioned to offer an even better graduation solution for students throughout the state.”

Unlike a traditional high school setting, Graduation Achievement Centers of Georgia offer a unique blend of online learning and one-on-one and small group instruction available for students who may require it. The center is staffed with educational teams to assist students in their daily studies, including Georgia-certified teachers, counselors, and other professionals who work together to provide academic support and post-graduation assistance for students, including those with learning disabilities.

The center located in Augusta will be open for both morning and afternoon sessions. Additional centers are located in Atlanta, Savannah, and Macon, with new locations planned in southwest and northwest Georgia later this year.

For more information about enrollment, call 844-PROVOST (776-8678) or visit
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