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Parental Resource Center

GACHS recognizes that parents are essential for student success. The Mission of the Virtual Parent Resource Center (VPRC) is to guide and encourage parents in supporting the unique learning potential of our students, including those with disabilities.  The VPRC is your premier destination for keeping abreast of activities sponsored by the GACHS Parental Involvement Program. Here you will find the GACHS Parental Involvement Calendar, announcements about monthly parent meetings, and check out physical resources from the parent resource library at Headquarters/GACHS Atlanta.  You can also access links to monthly meeting recordings, meeting surveys, learning resources in the content areas, and our GACHS Parent Support Facebook page.  You will want to visit the VPRC frequently for informative updates as we strive to maximize the quality and delivery of the support system for our students. Our belief is committed to parents making a difference, students succeeding given the right support, and GACHS and parents working together as partners. 

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CNA Feedback Form

GACHS District Improvement Plan 17-18

Parent Right-to-Know Letter

Savannah Open House + FY 18 Parent & Family Engagement Policy Adoption Meeting Voting Link

Augusta Open House + FY 18 Parent & Family Engagement Policy Adoption Meeting Voting Link

2017-2018 Parent & Family Engagement Policy Vote

GACHS Comprehensive Needs Assessment 2017-2018

Parental Involvement Needs Assessment Parent Input Form

Parent Survey Results

Parent Needs Assessment Meetings (MAY 2017)

2017-2018 School-Parent Compact (Meeting Flyer)

GACHS School District Parent Involvement Policy FY18

 August 2017 Parent & Family Engagement Policy adoption  meeting (TBA)

Monthly Parent Meeting Recordings

Title I Parent Calendar of Events - 2017-2018

Parent Resource Library 

Letter to Parents--FLP Math

GACHS - Priority School 2nd Notification FY17