Parental Resource Center

Parental Resource Center

GACHS recognizes that parents are essential for student success. The Mission of the Virtual Parent Resource Center (VPRC) is to guide and encourage parents in supporting the unique learning potential of our students, including those with disabilities.  The VPRC is your premier destination for keeping abreast of activities sponsored by the GACHS Parental Involvement Program. Here you will find the GACHS Parental Involvement Calendar, announcements about monthly parent meetings, and check out physical resources from the parent resource library at Headquarters/GACHS Atlanta.  You can also access links to monthly meeting recordings, meeting surveys, learning resources in the content areas, and our GACHS Parent Support Facebook page.  You will want to visit the VPRC frequently for informative updates as we strive to maximize the quality and delivery of the support system for our students. Our belief is committed to parents making a difference, students succeeding given the right support, and GACHS and parents working together as partners.



Hello, Parents and Families. I greet you on behalf of GACHC Parent & Family Engagement! We are approaching the end of week 10 in the 2017-2018 school year. You are receiving this email as a reminder to log in and check your child's academic progress! This was discussed in or mutually agreed upon FY 2018 School-Parent Compact. Please see page 3, GACHS responsibility #8. We have included specific instructions on how create a guardian account in Edgenuity if you do not have one already. Your student is very familiar with Edgenuity and can offer guidance. If you need additional assistance with creating a guardian account after reviewing the instructions, please email If there is anything I can assist you with, please email me at Thank you for being an engaged parent of a virtual student.

Guardian Accounts

1. Using your child's credentials, log on to

2. Click on the "Add Guardian" button in the left sidebar.

3. Complete all of the information, using a frequently-checked email address, and active daytime telephone number.

4. Make sure you write down your chosen username and password.

5. You may now log in using YOUR new credentials, to read teacher emails, and check your child's daily progress.

6. NOTE: The SIS-Login Dashboard only updates ONCE daily, after midnight. The grades and progress are NOT in real-time. But, if you check progress in the morning, this would be the most accurate measure of your child's progress from the day before. Also, if your child is showing 1-2% behind, that means they still need to do that day's work to be 'on target'.

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