Graduation Achievement Charter High School Graduation Rate Tops Among Similar Georgia High Schools

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September 20, 2018


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Graduation Achievement Charter High School Graduation Rate Tops Among Similar Georgia High Schools


Atlanta, Georgia (September 20, 2018)— Graduation Achievement Charter High School (GACHS) 2018 four-year cohort graduation rate of 18.09% is the highest in Georgia among designated alternative schools and its closest comparator schools, including State Charter Schools Commission (SCSC) charter high schools that have been publicly praised by the SCSC as providing a better educational option than GACHS.


SCHOOL                                                           2018 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate

Graduation Achievement Charter High School 18.09      
Elizabeth Andrews High School 17.71      
Performance Learning Center 15.83      
Phoenix High School 13.59      
Mountain Education Charter High School 13.09      
DeKalb Alternative School 12.5      
Crim High School 10.09      
Eastman Youth Development Campus 8.93      
Coastal Plains Charter High School-Candler 8.49  


Foothills Charter High School-Central/Madison 8.11      
Devereux Ackerman Academy 6.25      
Atlanta Youth Detention Center 5.41      
Skyview High School 5.05      
Augusta Youth Development Campus 5      
Atlanta Area School for the Deaf 4.17      
Sumter Youth Development Campus 2.33      
All RTC Schools 2.14      
KidsPeace 0      
Chattooga Academy 0      
Youth Villages at Inner Harbour 0      
Gwinnett Intervention Education (GIVE) Center East 0      
Gwinnett Intervention Education Center (GIVE) West 0      
Georgia Center 0      
Hillside Conant School 0      
APS-Forrest Hills Academy 0      


“We have said all along that the steady, incremental improvement produced by our school effectiveness work would yield meaningful progress,” said GACHS superintendent and chief executive officer Dr. Monica Henson. “This outcome disproves the State Charter Schools Commission’s assertion that schools like Foothills Charter School and Mountain Education Charter High School (MECHS) provide a superior education while GACHS was supposedly failing, and that district alternative schools outperform GACHS.” Henson went on to note that her statement in no way is disparaging the work of comparator schools. “It is important to note that neither Foothills nor MECHS is a designated Alternative High School [GACHS is]. They are good schools that do good work. But so is GACHS. This year’s CCRPI graduation rate news proves it.”


Henson noted that district school leaders “got it” regarding the public school alternative education option that GACHS provided. “We were promoted by the Georgia Hearing Officers Association and the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders to school districts as a partner. School systems began referring students to us before they dropped out of high school. We offered a public, nonprofit option to small school systems that previously may have relied on private, for-profit alternative education providers out desperation and lack of other options for serving small clusters of high-need, high-risk kids.”


The board of directors will release a summary report next week offering recommendations and policy implications of the closure of GACHS. “My hope is that the state legislature and the new governor and lieutenant governor, along with our state superintendent and state board of education, will take a hard look at what Georgia is doing—and not doing—for the tens of thousands of disconnected students of high school age in our state,” Henson remarked.


GACHS ended the academic year with 360 graduates [the chart provided only shows those students who graduated in the four-year cohort, not five- and six-year cohort graduates]. The district will close September 30, 2018.


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